HI VIZ Compsight Front Sight

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HIVIZ Shotgun sight is the perfect upgrade. 

395 DKK

The HIVIZ CompSight has become the standard for competitive shotgun shooters and is the choice of national and Olympic champions. The original CompSight design features an all-steel base and interchangeable LitePipes. Includes multiple diameters of LitePipes in green, orange, red, and white along with a LitePipe storage/changing key.

Fit Details: Fits most vent-ribbed shotguns with removeable front bead. Sight includes five screws in varying thread sizes to fit nearly any shotgun: 3-56″; 5-40″; 6-48″; 3mm x .5; 3mm x .6. LitePipe Color: Green (4), Red (3), White (1) LitePipe Shape: Round (4 Diameters)

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