Band Hunters United We Stand

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Band Hunter 4 United We stand is an action packed dvd with great duck and goose hunting on different locations in America and Canada

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Fred Zink and The BandHunters of Avian-X live and breathe waterfowl hunting 24-7. In "United We Stand", you'll enjoy nuts-and-bolts duck and goose hunting with high-volume limits and kills. Join teams from around the United States and Canada; including Zink Calls, Fowl Fanatics, Locked Up, Marsh Outdoors, Boys of Fall, Layin' Low and of course Destination X, as they pursue ducks and geese in hardcore take'em boys mode.

Hunting locations include Oklahoma, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Kansas, Quebec and Ontario. It's the off-season and you want to be sitting on a river, pond or field spread of decoys. Maybe the season has started and you just want to see more action back at camp. BandHunters IV is the cure for both. United We Stand in our pursuit of waterfowl happiness for cupped and committed ducks and geese. Check it out!