Tanglefree Refuge Mallard 12 pack

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Great mallard decoy a bit smaller sized with less weight.

8 drakes and 4 hens

595 DKK

The Pro Series Refuge Mallards are economically priced for those new to waterfowl hunting and easier on the shoulders and lower back when packing them to hunt public land. Their more compact size will allow you the freedom to carry more decoys. In addition, experienced waterfowl hunters also appreciate this decoy because its smaller size mixed in with larger mallard decoys creates a natural “Refuge” appearance of different sized fowl gathered together. Made from virgin polyethylene for durability and the lifelike details on the hen and drake, you will not be disappointed whether you are starting your first decoy set-up or looking add to a super spread of decoys.

Size 14.5” Tail to Bill

Weighted Keel

Packaged Per 12 12 Pack is 8 Drakes & 4 Hens

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