Tanglefree Flight Series Mallards

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With Flight Series Mallards, Tanglefree has set a new standard for ultra-realistic looking decoys. Colors and feather details are spot on. The perfect duck decoy for the dedicated duckhunter. 4 drakes and 2 hens. 

695 DKK

At Tanglefree we take a great deal of pride in bringing our customers the best possible products to increase their success in the field. We went through an exceptional process with extraordinary people to bring you a remarkable mallard decoy. No feature was overlooked on the size, head position, body posture, paint details/shading and molding construction of the three mallard carvings. Conveniently packed in two (2) upright drakes, two (2) rester drakes, and two (2) hens. The Tanglefree family’s hard work on this decoy is our token of appreciation to those dedicated to waterfowling and its great traditions.


Carved by Michael Braun

Ultra Realistic Paint Schemes and Feather Detail

Weighted keel

Packaged per 6 (2 Upright Drakes, 2 Rester Drakes, 2 Upright Hens)


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